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Which controller board to choose for your Voron?

Voron 2.4 and Voron Trident are advanced 3D printers running more stepper motors than a basic 3D printer. You used to need two controller boards to run these printers, but recently multiple affordable 8 stepper boards were released. I tested and compared BIGTREETECH Octopus, Manta M8P, FYSETC Spider, Makerbase MKS Monster 8 and Mellow Super 8.

Updated in Septemper 2023 to include the latest generation of boards with integrated Klipper host.

Voron controller boards

Tips For Building A Voron

Voron 3D printers are great but building one can be challenging. The assembly manual is a great resource, and there are plenty of YouTube guides you can watch. I will share some of my own tips to help you with the build.